Photo Top 5 Eye-Catching Places To Propose In Boston

Top 5 Eye-Catching Places To Propose In Boston

Do you want your proposal to be unforgettable and beautiful in every way? We’ve put together 5 of our favorite, most eye-catching places to propose in Boston.

When you propose, you’ve got your perfect person, your perfect ring, and the only thing missing is the perfect place. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. From Acorn Street to Boston Public Gardens, we’re taking you through all of our favorite places to propose on Boston. Put on your seat belts…this is going to be a romantic ride!

1. Acorn Street

Acorn Street has been around since the 1820’s and that’s the exact feeling you get as you’re walking through the cobblestone path that’s so narrow and so unique unlike any road you’ve walked through before. This charming place has tons of restaurants and hotels around the area and is a total picture-perfect place to propose.

Ryan Boston - 2-L


2. The Barn At Gibble Hill

The Barn in over 100 years old and is absolutely gorgeous. The views on this hill are never ending with a wide-open sky for a clear mind as you’re getting down on one knee to ask the question you’ve both been waiting for.

Corey and Rachel at in Groton, MA on Oct. 23, 2016. (Photo by Michelle Jay)

3. Bancroft’s Castle

On top of Gibbet Hill there’s Bancroft’s castle. Also a historical and a romantic spot secluded enough to have that special one on one moment.

Corey and Rachel at in Groton, MA on Oct. 23, 2016. (Photo by Michelle Jay)


4. Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is amazingly stunning. Propose here as swans glide through the lake and maybe you’ll be lucky enough for some light rain for that picture perfect notebook shot.

Kellys Proposal (46 of 115)-L


5. Nashoba Valley Winery 

The winery is a perfect place for a picnic as you bite on a fresh apple and share some delicious wine and celebrate while getting charmingly tipsy, or why not, drunk on love.



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