Photo Top 5 Baltimore Proposal Ideas

Top 5 Baltimore Proposal Ideas

From the numerous parks, museums and sculpture gardens, there’s plenty of charming places in Baltimore to get down on one knee. 

They don’t call Baltimore Charm City for nothing, and Paparazzi Proposals isn’t the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company for nothing. Put the two together, and you have the picture-perfect engagement proposal. But where exactly to propose? or how? We just happen to have some ideas.

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If none of the below ideas seem to be a right fit, make sure to browse through some of our past proposals for more inspiration!

1. Helicopter Tour Proposal

Looking for a proposal with a thrill? Why not fly over the skyline and show your loved one a 360 aerial view of Baltimore- the only more impressive sight will be the ring. This is the perfect proposal for those seeking to turn their picture-perfect moment into an adventure they will never forget! (Monumental Helicopters is a great and affordable option in Baltimore.)

2. Sculpture Garden Proposal

If you’re looking for a quite and intimate proposal (and so happen to be an art lover), the Sculpture Garden at the Baltimore Museum of Art is a great option. The terraced garden adds more privacy and romance to the proposal, and it’s sure to make a beautiful backdrop for photography.

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3. Favorite Date Spot Proposal

If you want a more sentimental engagement proposal, why not propose at your favorite date spot? Choose the place where you spend the most time together (or enjoy the most) and make it a place you’ll never forget. Though simple, it is extremely romantic and classic.

4. Winery & Vineyard Proposal

Want to have a proposal with class (and maybe a buzz)? Just add some wine! At a winery & vineyard that is. Boordy Wineyards in Baltimore celebrates life, good food and good wine. (What more perfect place could there be to get engaged?) Book a private room, schedule a tasting or propose among the beautiful vineyards, we’ll make sure to be there to capture your picture-perfect moment.

5. Romantic Picnic Proposal

Another classic date (and proposal) idea is a romantic picnic. Prepare your soon-to-be fiancée their favorite treats and invite them to spend the day at the park. When the moment feels just right and they feel like the day can’t get any better, get down on one knee.

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