Photo The Perfect Central Park Engagement

The Perfect Central Park Engagement

From iceskating to a romantic picnic, Brian planned the perfect Central Park engagement to surprise Caitlin with a day she would never forget. 

After all, how could she forget when Brian arranged for us to capture every moment. View all the moments before, during and after their magical engagement, here! We had a chance to speak to the newly-engaged couple, and they shared with us how they met and, inevitably, how they fell in love.

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New York City Proposal Photography Brian - 11“We ‘met’ online in the beginning of November 2014 and went on our first date on November 19, 2014. I had recently moved to Fort Lauderdale, and, as soon as I met Caitlin, I knew it was the start of something special.  I was attracted to Caitlin’s kind nature and strong family values. She will go above and beyond to make everyone around her happy and never ask for anything in return. I knew she was the one after she stuck around and supported me through 8 months of training for an Ironman triathlon. Being able to share that accomplishment with her was amazing, and I knew she was the only one I wanted to share my life’s accomplishments with. I always wanted to propose on a special trip that we took together. When Caitlin and I decided to take a trip to New York for our 2-year anniversary, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to propose. We both love being outside and I felt that Central Park offered a great location for the proposal as there would be secluded areas for us to share the private moment together.” -Brian 

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“I was attracted to Brian’s genuineness, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what made me feel that way, but I remember going home after our first date and telling my mom and sister what a genuine person he was. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to stick around longer to see what this was all about. (His smile wasn’t too bad, either.) Brian and I make a damn good team. We have the same ridiculous sense of humor and are passionate about a lot of the same things. Life with him these past two years have taught me so much and have been so much fun! What really sealed the deal for me was this past August when something unexpected happened in my family. It was hard to understand what was going on, but he understood that he just needed to simply be there for me and he was, more than I could’ve ever asked for. After that, there was no question that we could do this, for better or for worse.” -Caitlin 

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