Photo The Land of Romance: Paris Proposal Ideas

The Land of Romance: Paris Proposal Ideas

In love and in Paris? What a time to be alive! The only thing better would be a proposal. 

If romance was a country, Paris would be the capitol (sorry France). And if romance was a country, then Paparazzi Proposals is running for president. Our credentials, you ask? Well, we’re only the leading international proposal photography company. Having planned and photographed over three-thousand engagement proposals, romance is our middle name. And though, we don’t have our foreign policy established yet, we do have some amazing Paris proposal ideas. And that’s definitely more important.

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You can’t say Paris without thinking romance. And to show how fabulous a Paris proposal can be, we’ve put together some of our favorite proposal ideas.

1. Eiffel Tower Proposal

A more obvious option, but one that needs to be mentioned nonetheless. The Eiffel Tower is the heart of Paris and a jaw-dropping backdrop to any proposal. Plan a romantic lunch or dinner (before or after) in the area, and when you’re at the picture-perfect spot, drop down to one knee.

Paris Proposal Ideas: Eiffel Tower

2. Parisian Cafe Proposal

Hello, I’ll have a croissant with a side of proposal. Parisian cafes are what every other cafe aspire to but will never be. We’re not sure what the secret ingredient is, but you can’t go to Paris and not indulge in their amazing cafes. And better yet, why not propose in one? La Rose de France is one of our favorites.

Paris Proposal Ideas: Parisian Cafe

3. Perfect Picnic Proposal

Delicious cheeses, fresh meats, soft bread, bubbly champagne and sweet treats- lay it all over a blanket, sprinkle some rose petals, and you have a perfect picnic proposal. Of course, we can do all the work for you and have it set up before your arrival. It’ll be like magic, Paparazzi Proposal magic. Just choose from any of the beautiful parks and gardens in Paris.

Paris Proposal Ideas: Picnic Proposal

4. Romantic Bridge Proposal

We’re not sure why, but there is something romantic about bridges. And bridges are extra romantic in Paris. From Pont des Arts (Lovers Bridge) to Pont Marie and Pont au Change, these bridges are begging for a proposal. Maybe it’s because a bridge connects two pieces of land and an engagement is connecting two people. And they make for stunning photography.

Paris Proposal Ideas: Bridge Proposal

Starting to Feel the Romance?

This might be the end of our list, but not our ideas. Call one of our experts at (888) 287-5120 to start planning your perfect proposal.

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