Photo The Allstars: How to Propose in Seattle

The Allstars: How to Propose in Seattle

Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming proposal in Seattle? We’re showcasing some of our Allstars! 

There is no wrong or right way to propose, but some of our past clients went the extra mile. And that extra mile might be the fuze to your proposal lightbulb. As the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company, we’ve shot over three-thousand proposals. And we’ve learned that sometimes, it’s not where but how that can make a difference. If you’re still looking for that difference, then you’ve come to the right place.

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If you want even more inspiration, make sure to browse through some (or all) of our other past proposals. But to start giving you some ideas, here are some of our Seattle favorites.

1. Written in the Sky

Jerry didn’t just want to share his love with Allison, but the entire city. He arranged a banner to be carried across the sky, asking her to marry him.

How to Propose in Seattle: Sky Banner

2. The Opening

Joe was asked by Robbins Brothers to help out with their store opening in Bellevue, Seattle. An engagement ring store opening? This lit the lightbulb in his head for a perfect proposal setting. He made sure to invite all of their family and friends to the opening. Before the red ribbon was cut to officially open the store, Joe turned to his girlfriend Stacia and asked for everyone’s attention. After a beautiful and heartfelt speech, he dropped down to one knee and pulled out a diamond ring.

How to Propose in Seattle: The Opening

3. The List

The engagement proposal is a pivotal moment in a relationship, but it’s not the only moment. Paul wrote out a chronological list of the most meaningful moments in his relationship with Gagan. Beginning with the first time he saw her and ending with “she said…”, which he left blank for her to fill out. Paul had it written on a blackboard, which he placed in their favorite outdoor spot. On a romantic walk, he directed Gagan towards it and after reading the last sentence, she anxiously turned around to find Paul down on one knee.

How to Propose in Seattle: The List

4. The Scavenger Hunt

Michael turned his proposal into an adventure and created a scavenger hunt for his girlfriend. Placing clues throughout their home, it eventually led her to a room filled with all of their family and friends. However, it wasn’t the last clue that changed her life, but the one before it, which was Michael’s diamond ring.

How to Propose in Seattle: The Scavenger Hunt How to Propose in Seattle: The Scavenger Hunt

5. The First Time

Nothing is quite as memorable as the first time. Whether it’s 10 or 20 years down the road, the first time never fades. Make your Seattle proposal your first time, whether it’s the first kiss or first date. Find the moment that was most meaningful and make it the backdrop to your proposal. Just like engraving her name on a bracelet, it’ll take that significant moment and engrave it into your proposal story.

How to Propose in Seattle: The First Time

Starting to get some ideas? Well, we’re just getting started. An engagement proposal is a magical moment, but a little extra magic never hurts. Contact us now to begin planning your picture-perfect moment.