Photo Tampa Proposal Ideas

Tampa Proposal Ideas

Located along the Florida Gulf Coast, Tampa might seem ordinary from the outside, but once inside, it’s jam packed with arts, music, suntanning, sports, outdoor activities, and unlimited excuses for festivals. 

If you’re considering a surprise proposal in Tampa, but haven’t exactly figured out how, when or where, we heard your calling. Think of us like your engagement fairy godmother, except our magic doesn’t just last till midnight- our photos last forever.  And we could never ignore a proposer in need. (Yes, we just made up that term.) Paparazzi Proposals doesn’t just photograph proposals, but with every proposal we offer a consultation with ideas, maps and suggestions from our experts.

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To get your upcoming proposal in gear, we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas for a surprise proposal in Tampa.

1. Boat Proposal

As mentioned, Tampa is along the Gulf Coast and has direct access to beautiful waters and beaches. Rent out a boat and spend an intimate and romantic day on the water for your proposal. Bring along your partner’s favorite meal, a bottle of champagne (or two) and a sweet dessert. We like chocolate covered strawberries, which add to the romance. It’s a perfect getaway from the world and makes your big moment just between the two of you. If you don’t feel comfortable steering the boat, there’s always the option for someone to do it for you, and then your full focus can be on your new fiancée (and the champagne). A great place for this is eBoats Tampa, an electric boat rental company that operates out of a kiosk on the docks in front of the Tampa Convention Center and Sail Pavilion.Tampa Proposal Idea: Boat Proposal

2. Beach Proposal

Miami isn’t the only city with beautiful beaches in Florida. Tampa has been known to give it a run for its money, but without the mobs of tourists. An intimate stroll on the beach, locking hands, and a beautiful sunset will always be a timeless proposal idea. It not only makes for amazing photography, but it’s beautifully simple and romantic. Mix it up a bit by letting us coordinate a picnic (already in place before she arrives) or scheduling a “street performer” to start serenading your big moment, which are both offered in our packages.

Tampa proposal Ideas: Beach Proposal

3. Musical Proposal

No, we don’t mean to propose at a musical, but Tampa’s famous for the amount of music it attracts. It’s a popular destination for concert tours, festivals, and everything in between. Seriously, Tampa is filled with music. If your partner has a zest for music or a specific artist that will be traveling to Tampa, why not schedule your surprise proposal around it? Thought, you might want to get down on one knee prior to the concert or afterwards, in order to capture much better pictures.

Tampa Proposal Idea: Music Proposal

4. Helicopter Proposal

Take your future fiancée through a ride in the clouds and propose among them. This makes it all the more memorable and will flare up your proposal with a little adventure. Old City Helicopters in Tampa is a popular spot and offers a jaw-dropping view of Tampa from above (as well as affordable rates).

Tampa Proposal Idea: Helicopter Proposal

5. Park Proposal

Another simple, but if done right, romantic proposal. Tampa has lots of greenery and if your partner loves the outdoors, it’ll be a great fit. An ideal spot is Curtis Hixon Park, which has a plaque that reads “Will you marry me?” The work is already done for you. Similar to the beach, flare it up with romance by details. It’s all in the details and the details are what we’re experts on. After all, we’ve done over three thousand proposals.

Tampa Proposal Ideas: Park ProposalTampa Proposal Ideas: Park Proposal


Tampa has endless possible ideas for a great surprise proposal. Let us narrow it down a bit and take care of the details and capture the moments that arise from said details.


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