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Surprise Proposal Photography

There are specific moments in life where time freezes or at least, you wish it would. Today’s problems become tomorrow’s and suddenly, life and all its mysteries begin to make sense and everything feels wonderful. Somewhere between graduating high school and your child’s first birthday, falls in your engagement proposal (usually). Most people love reflecting on their wedding story, but when it comes to the proposal, not so much. Or if it’s a great story, all they have are words because it’s impossible to capture- or is it?

The moment you declare to spend the rest of your life with someone is pretty monumental, and sure, it’s not legally official until the wedding vows, but for most newly engaged couples, it sure feels like it. Paparazzi Proposals was founded on the idea of helping create and capture these beautiful moments, but without ruining the realness of the moment itself. We’ve revolutionized the engagement industry and surprise proposal photography has become a new phenomenon. But its growing popularity isn’t that surprising. Who wouldn’t want to make their proposal timeless?

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In honor of the thousands of love stories we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of, we’ve put together the top reasons to have your proposal secretly photographed.

1. The Reaction

The engagement proposal is one of the purest moments in a relationship. And the reaction that it brings out of your partner is both unpredictable and invaluable. We’ve seen people cry, scream, laugh and smile uncontrollably, unable to speak, sometimes all of these all at once. And the amazing part of capturing this moment is exactly that. There will be few instances that you will have the opportunity to candidly capture such a strong and emotional turning-point, and to truly encapsulate such vibrant emotions from your partner. Our advice is to do it completely with love, and to only expect love, in whatever form or shape it comes in, because everyone expresses it differently.

Surprise engagement photography reaction Surprise engagement photography reaction Surprise engagement photography reaction Surprise engagement photography reaction

2. Share the Experience

Memories may last forever, but with time, the small details don’t. Just try to remember a life-changing event you’ve encountered, a memory deemed as unforgettable. Sure, it’s easy to remember the event itself, but how about the weather or if there was traffic that morning? At the end of the day, we’re only human, and just because some details faded doesn’t make the memory any less important. Just like the weather or traffic, we can’t control it. Surprise proposal photography is the solution to make your proposal defy the influence of time and to include friends and family in the experience. It allows you to genuinely share the moment today, tomorrow, and thirty years from now. The moment your partner says “yes” will be engraved in your memory, but we’ll make sure to keep alive the small details. The small details are what we’re experts on.

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3. Authenticity

A proposal shouldn’t be about capturing the moment, but living in it. This doesn’t mean that the moment isn’t worth capturing, just not by you or your partner. Imagine, instead of being able to enjoy the overjoyed, once-in-a-lifetime expression on their face, you have to worry about snapping a picture. Even worse, what if your partner asks you to redo the proposal, so that they can photograph it? Sounds like a mood killer and it doesn’t have to be. Enjoy the taste of the champagne and the company of your loved one, but at the comfort of knowing you’ll be able to relive and share these memories later, thanks to a little outside help from our talented photographers. We want you to fully be in the memories, not be the one recording them.

An authentic intimate moment, enjoyed between Joshua and his new fiancée.

4. Two Birds & One Camera

Surprise engagement photography might be new, but standard engagement photography isn’t.  It’s fairly common for newly engaged couples to schedule a portrait session after the proposal, in a lot of cases, for photos to share the news with. Paparazzi Proposals doesn’t just stop at the proposal, but the moments preceding and following it, including an engagement portrait session. It’s a wonderful way of killing two birds with one stone. Though, no birds were harmed in the making of this blog post, we will give you a better return on the money you would have spent for an engagement portrait session regardless, except those photographers wouldn’t have planned and photographed your actual proposal.

Santiago chose the Griffith Park Observatory for his surprise proposal.  A stunning portrait session following Santiago's proposal.

5. Expert Help

It isn’t just about photographing the proposal, but planning and carrying out the proposal itself. Paparazzi Proposals has combined the tasks of proposal planner and engagement photographer into one. Who better to discreetly photograph the proposal than the company making it happen? Our staff lives and breathes engagement proposals, and caters to each clients’ needs specifically. No love is the same, and the same applies to each proposal. The location might not be original, but as we’ve mentioned, it’s all in the details. Due to our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t, and have a wealth of knowledge and resources shared with each of our clients.

Make sure to make your proposal perfect by hiring the experts, Paparazzi Proposals.


Of course, the list goes on. Surprise engagement photography isn’t just a trend, it’s become an essential part of the engagement industry. As the nation’s leading proposal photography company, we’ve worked with thousands of couples and have seen firsthand the difference it makes.

Let us make a difference with your proposal, your future self will thank you. 


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