San Antonio Engagement Photography: Matthew and Destiny

What’s more romantic than a morning stroll on the San Antonio Riverwalk?

How about Matthew getting down on one knee and asking Destiny to marry him. We had the opportunity to capture this beautiful San Antonio engagement photography session, and to get to know the couple and find out how they met and fell in love!

“We met in 2012 from friends of friends, my good friend was talking to one of hers. We first got each other’s numbers one night when I was hanging out with my friends and she with hers. I got her number and it first started out as a joke, just texting each other a few days a week. Then it started as an everyday thing. Every time I talked to her I found out something new, the conversations lasted longer and longer. A few months went by and we decided to finally meet for our first date. We kept it simple and just went to a restaurant. We have seen some pictures of each other on Facebook so I knew she was pretty already, but when I first saw her I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself “those pictures didn’t do her justice, there was no way I have been talking to a girl this beautiful this long.” I figured after this date she probably wouldn’t want someone like me. We sat in our seats and ate dinner but the conversation went on even longer. At the end we left and said goodbye, we told each other what we didn’t expect from each other. We had a few more dates after that and then we made it official, since then we have been together a little over 5yrs.”

“Since we didn’t meet face to face at first, what attracted me the most was her personality and her love for animals. Probably after our 3rd anniversary, I knew she was the one. I started to picture us together and we first started to talk about having a future together. We were both still in college still so we decided to wait till e graduated college and started our careers.

Our plan to San Antonio was planned a week before. I already had a plan to propose somewhere else, but, once I started to look around San Antonio, I knew it was the place after talking to y’all and hearing you were able to get a photographer that week at the Riverwalk. It was a perfect spot with the water and the surrounding area on Marriage Island.”

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