Romantic New York Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

Fall is here, the holidays are approaching, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and so might your engagement. This why we are sharing some of our most romantic Thanksgiving New York proposal ideas!

As the nation’s top engagement proposal photography company, we know a thing or two when it comes to planning the picture-perfect proposal. New York is where it all started and where we have captured hundreds of engagement proposals. The holidays are already a call for celebration, so make your engagement even more of a reason to celebrate!

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1. Central Park

It’s no secret Central Park is the most well-known spot (besides Times Square) in New York City. There’s a reason for it. Take advantage of the perfect fall weather, the foliage and beautiful changes in color and scenery. It will be a stunning sight for your partner, and it will be even better when they find you down on one knee. 

2. Romantic Picnic

Speaking of the perfect fall weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic and delicious picnic. Prepare your partner’s favorite snacks and don’t forget the engagement ring!

3. Include Family & Friends

Thanksgiving is synonymous with one thing: friends and family. So why not take advantage and include them in the proposal? Whether you want to hide them for a surprise after or do it in front of them, it will make the moment all the more special.

4. Surprise Your Partner

Friends and family can often also be the reason you have to separate for some holidays. So make this Thanksgiving even more special by surprising your partner with not only your presence but an engagement.

5. Plan a Getaway

If you already live in New York, why not make this Thanksgiving and your proposal all the more special by planning a getaway? Our advice is to propose in the beginning, so you have the rest of the trip to celebrate!

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