Photo Romantic Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Photography

Romantic Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of our favorite backdrops in San Francisco to get engaged with. 

Want some proof? We’re sharing some of our most recent favorites! You can also check out all of our most recent Golden Gate Bridge engagement photography, here!

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1. Heart Made of Roses

Eduardo went with our beach picnic package but added a twist. We arranged for our photographer to create a giant heart with the roses, and he proposed at the center! The Golden Gate Bridge decorates this already stunning proposal. Edit - 11

2. Crissy Fields

Besides the beach, Crissy Fields is also an amazing place to get a stunning backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. Corey surprised his partner with a diamond ring on a picturesque stroll. Of course, our photographer was there to capture every moment.

Corey-9 (1)

3. Marin Headlands

Gina surprised her girlfriend by the Marin Headlands. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge is jaw-dropping.


4. Justin’s Bike Ride Proposal

Justin’s girlfriend thought they were just taking a bike ride along the beautiful scenery but was very surprised when the trip ended with a diamond ring. Our photographer captured the special moment, with the gorgeous bridge in the background!

7 San Francisco California Marriage Proposal Justin

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