Photo Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

From the Whetstone Park of Roses to the Scioto Mile, the picture-perfect engagement proposal in Columbus is only a few clicks away. 

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Our romance-obsessed staff put together some our favorite proposal ideas in Columbus. But if nothing on the list screams to you, make sure to check out some of our past proposals for more inspiration.

1. Park Proposal

Whether enjoying a delicious picnic or an intimate stroll, during spring and summer, the park is a perfect place to propose. Columbus has a variety of great parks. One of our favorites is the Whetstone Park of Roses, which is also one of the most sought-after wedding venues. There are over 11,000 roses compressed into a space of more than a dozen acres, which as a result makes for a stunning backdrop to your proposal.

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2. Helicopter Proposal

Start your engagement with an adventure and propose among the clouds. Enjoy a beautiful, aerial view of the Columbus skyline and a memory that will last forever. Helicopters Above Columbus offers tours not just of the city but surrounding areas.

Photo Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

3. The Scioto Mile Proposal

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the Scioto Mile is a breathtaking 15,000 square-foot interactive fountain. It offers the country’s largest free outdoor climbing wall and the relaxing beauty of the 120-acre Scioto Audubon, a magnet for shore birds and birds of prey. This iconic Columbus landmark is the picture-perfect place for a surprise proposal.

Photo Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

4. Memories Proposal

Make your proposal memorable by including your past memories. Set up a timeline of all the pivotal moments in your relationship leading up the proposal, which you can leave blank. Another approach to this would be to choose the most significant memory (such as when you first met or kissed) and propose at that location.

Photo Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

5. Weekend Getaway Proposal

Empower your proposal to break the mundane routine of everyday life and plan the perfect romantic weekend. Propose early and you’ll also have plenty of time to celebrate and indulge in the company of your new fiancée. Whether an old country styled Bed and Breakfast or a luxurious resort, choose the getaway that best suits your partner.

Photo Romantic Columbus Proposal Ideas

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