Photo Romantic Christmas Themed Engagement Proposal

Romantic Christmas Themed Engagement Proposal

Leslie found Corey on her sister’s Instagram one Fourth of July and thought he was “really cute”. So, she started following him (on Instagram, that is).

She liked a “borderline stalker”amount of his photos that day. They followed each other on Instagram for about a year and half, before they agreed to finally go on their first date. Fast-forward some time later, he surprised her with a trip to New York and by getting down on one knee.

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 What initially attracted Corey and Leslie to each other?
 “It was his sense of humor. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t had at least one good laugh since we’ve been together. Also that dang beard!” -Leslie
“She has the ability to make fun out of anything. She can bring the good time out of any situation.” -Corey
From initial attraction to their engagement, we wondered at what moment they both they knew that they had found the one?
   “After our first date, I had an inkling. Once you’ve met the one, you honestly know. I know that’s really cliche but it’s true.” -Leslie
    “When she met my mom. After seeing the way my mom reacted to her, it was clear. My mom has a way of knowing what kind of person someone is. That’s when I knew Leslie was exactly as amazing as I thought she was.” -Corey
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So, in between the moment Corey knew he found the one, to the moment he got down on one knee, he was set on planning the perfect engagement.
 “I chose New York because it has always been at the top of Leslie’s travel bucket list. That, combined with her unhealthy obsession with Christmas, made me realize that there was no better place than the famous Rockefeller Tree. I got a ton of advice from my mom and some of our best friends. I would say the most stressful part was designing the perfect ring, which I couldn’t have done without the help of our friends, Shelby and Joanna. I purchased the ring at Eiseman Jewelers in North Park Mall, Dallas. The people there are absolutely bar none, and they’ve earned a customer for life.”
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