Photo Proposal Photography Tips

Proposal Photography Tips

What can be said about proposal photography? There are no second chances. High pressure. There are factors that cannot be controlled. But, if done well, picture-perfect moments that will last a lifetime. 

As America’s top rated national engagement proposal photography company, we’ve seen it all. Unlike wedding photography, engagement proposal photography has to be more calculated and discreet. After all, we’re Paparazzi Proposals for a reason.

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Though not everything can be controlled, here are five tips to keep in mind when planning to photograph your engagement.

1. Plan the Proposal Spot

Though not everyone can do a walkthrough of the desired location (especially if it is an area you are visiting), use google maps or another resource to have an exact idea of where you would like to propose. This should be worked out with your photographer to ensure the spot will have a good angle for your desired backdrop.

Photo Proposal Photography Tips

2. Decide on a Timing

This is important because timing will affect light, and light will affect the photography. Do you want to do it in the morning, afternoon or night? It is important to plan ahead, which will also help disguising the plan to get your partner to the location. If it is morning, say you have breakfast reservations. Night time? Dinner. Make sure the restaurant specified is nearby the proposal location.

Photo Proposal Photography Tips

3. Take Your Time

Moments before proposing, it might feel like the ring box is going to burn through your pocket and the proposal must happen immediately before they finds out. This is not the case. Your photographer is trying to capture a story, so there is no need to rush. Take all the moments you need to properly put yourself together and tell your partner everything you planned. When down on one knee, there is no need to get up immediately. Remember, these moments are being captured!

Photo Proposal Photography Tips

4. Make Sure to Get a Portrait Session

Do not work with a photographer that is only offering to capture the proposal. This is a great opportunity to take advantage and get an engagement portrait session with your proposal, so you do not have to pay again to do it later on. Also, the spontaneity of it is always exciting to the person being proposed to. Make sure you are getting a good amount of images as well. Some photographers will charge lower pricing but then charge per image after a small amount.

Photo Proposal Photography Tips

5.  Work with an Expert

Make sure to choose an experienced photographer that will take care all of these details for you. Contact us today and we will give you $100 off any photography package!

Photo Proposal Photography Tips

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