Boston Proposal Ideas: Charles River Esplanade

One of our hidden proposal photographer’s top spots to propose in Boston is along the Charles River EsplanadeThe places to propose along the Charles River are endless so your proposal photography is guaranteed to be gorgeous. 

The dock right by the Hatch Shell is a picture-perfect location to propose. With the right planning, the sun can be setting behind you over the river as you propose as our surprise proposal photographer is in just the right spot. 

If you want the Boston skyline in your engagement proposal photography, we know the perfect dock for you. 

The Esplanade is also a cute spot to propose with a picnic. Our proposal photographer can set up a blanket with roses and champaign to be waiting for you when you arrive.

Or, if you want your family and friends involved in the wedding proposal, they can help with a more elaborate set up, including photos of your relationship, for your places to propose along the Charles River.

There’s so many spots with different picture perfect backgrounds along the river.

Whatever your proposal ideas for Boston are, we can help you plan and capture the perfect proposal photograph too! 

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