Photo Top Five New York Engagement Proposals

Top Five New York Engagement Proposals

There are millions of people in New York, which makes finding “the one” all the more special. And it comes to no surprise that our clients wanted to make their engagement proposal equally as special. We want to share some of our favorites. 

Though it’s the love between two people that is most important, we can’t help but obsess over the magic of a romantic and creative proposal. As the nation’s leading surprise engagement photography company, we’ve planned and photographed over 3,000 engagement proposals and have done hundreds alone in New York. All the proposals we’ve done are individually unique, as each love is unique, however, we’ve listed our top five picture-perfect ideas.

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Feel free to browse for more ideas from our past proposals. Here are some of our personal favorites.

1. Perfect Picnic Proposal

One of our favorite partnerships in New York is with Perfect Picnic, and with their help we have captured some amazing picnic proposals all throughout the city. Take your partner on a romantic stroll in your favorite outdoor spot and magically stumble on a beautifully laid out delicious picnic. It’ll be filled with cheeses, meats, treats and champagne (to toast the moment they say “yes”).  It adds a timelessly romantic touch to any proposal.

2. Rooftop Proposal

What is New York without all the breath-taking rooftops?  The New York skyline is not only an amazing backdrop to your proposal, but will make for incredible photography. One of our most recent proposals took place at Ink48’s Heaven Over Hell penthouse, and luxurious, breath-taking, and unforgettable would be the three words to describe using this venue for your proposal.

3. Helicopter Proposal

And speaking of the New York skyline, if a rooftop isn’t high enough- how about flying over it? A helicopter ride is one of the most thrilling and exciting proposal ideas and as long as your partner isn’t afraid of heights, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

4. Boat Proposal

The city is great, but don’t be afraid to get away from it slightly for your proposal. Another wonderful proposal idea is a romantic boat ride. It’s a great opportunity to get away from the motion of the city and have the calming waters serenade the moment you get down on one knee. And the backdrop will still be the stunning city skyline.

5. Central Park Proposal

An obvious choice but a classic, Central Park has so many different amazing locations for a surprise proposal. Expanding almost 2 miles, the park has so many naturally beautiful (specially in spring and summer months) backdrops, whether you want water, greenery or even a castle in the background. We’ve shot tons of proposals here and each one is different. This is the most popular attraction (despite Times Square) in New York for a reason.

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