Photo Phoenix Marriage Proposal: Kurt and Amanda’s Rose Garden Proposal

Phoenix Marriage Proposal: Kurt and Amanda’s Rose Garden Proposal

Somewhere in a rose garden in Phoenix, Kurt and Amanda got engaged. 

Kurt and Amanda took a romantic stroll to a gorgeous rose garden in their neighborhood, and he surprised her with a diamond ring. Here’s their adorable love story.

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They met in August of 2010 at a friend’s birthday party.  Amanda had just moved to Phoenix for Pharmacy school and one of her new classmates was friends with Kurt’s bandmate at the time.  They met at a birthday party and Kurt’s phone died so he gave her his number. Luckily she called! Kurt thought she was beautiful and they hit it off and got along well, then realized they were both big fans of the band Muse and Kurt was hooked! “Our first Valentine’s day I told her I love her (I only waited another 5 and a half years to pop the question!)”

“The area is special to us because it is just down the street from where we live and bought our first house together.  We had visited the Rose Garden before with her grandma and dad and I thought it would be an intimate and romantic spot in the neighborhood to propose.”

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They shopped for the ring together, after visiting a few different stores they found the perfect ring at Robbins Brothers in Scottsdale. “I couldn’t have done it without all of the help I got from Amanda’s sister Shannon and my brother Kyle. Shannon gave me a lot of planning advice and helped keep Amanda surprised, Kyle helped plan and was there to set up the picnic.”

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