Photo Our Favorite Hawaii Proposal Ideas

Our Favorite Hawaii Proposal Ideas

An island filled with romance (six to be exact), Hawaii is the ultimate American getaway that doesn’t require a passport renewal or learning to ask for the bathroom in another language, but why wait for the honeymoon?

Make the moment you decided to create your own ohana unforgettable and propose in paradise. Whether local or tourist, Hawaii is the picture-perfect place to get down on one knee, specially with Paparazzi Proposals behind the lens. We aren’t just the leading surprise proposal photography company, our staff are experts on all-things-romance. And since with great power comes great responsibility, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge with our readers.

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We’ve picked our favorite proposal ideas in Hawaii, and if you want some extra inspiration, just browse through all our wonderful past proposals. If we do say so ourselves.

1.) Romantic Candlelit Dinner

The key to this idea is not just to book a table at an expensive restaurant, but to make sure it is intimate and secluded. Whether at a beautiful rooftop overlooking the island or setting up a table on the beach, make sure to avoid noise and outside distractions.  This moment should be between the two of you- not the two of you, Bill, Maureen and their infant children that won’t stop crying. Let us take care of the planning and let your focus be on the one that matters most, your future fiancée.

Hawaii Proposal Ideas: Romantic Candlelit Dinner

2.) Sunset on the Beach

The beach might seem like an obvious spot, but make sure to time it right. There are few things more simple and breath-taking than a sunset in Hawaii. We suggest planning to get there earlier, which allows room for any last minute changes or tardiness. Throw in a romantic picnic with champagne (we’ll happily set it up) and prepare for beautiful and discreet photography. We’ll make sure of it.

Hawaii Proposal Ideas: Sunset Proposal

3. Water Adventures

Maybe you want a little bit more than romantic relaxation? Add a little thrill by adventuring in Oahu. With warm waters and tropical weather all year long, Oahu has endless opportunities for water activities. From sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddling, surfing and big wave watching, there is something for everyone. We just advise to propose prior or after going in the water, because the infinite sea and a small diamond ring don’t go well together.

Hawaii Proposal Ideas: Water Adventures in Oahu

4.) The Love Letter

It might sound cheesy or overdone, but people continue to do it for a reason. A letter vocalizes what words cannot and sometimes what you really want to express is easier written into words than spoken. Lead to it with a scavenger hunt or have it laid out with the ring, roses, and a bottle of champagne. The letter will not only symbolize your love for your partner, but prove to them that chivalry isn’t dead, they just hadn’t found the right person yet.

Hawaii Proposal Ideas: The Love Letter

5.) Stargazing

Sunsets aren’t the only beautiful scenery that Hawaii has to offer, but the glistening sea of diamonds that make up the sky at night. A specific location is Maunakea, one of the most renowned astronomical sites in the world. Though, from any point in Hawaii, there is a clear and stunning view of the sky. Show your future fiancée that with the right partner, life can be its own romantic movie. And as they are staring at the diamonds in the sky, surprise them with one they can keep forever.

Hawaii Proposal Ideas: Stargazing


Leaving romance and an intimate getaway for the honeymoon is amateur-hour. And if you’re local, then what are you waiting for? A perfect proposal is within your fingertips, just make sure you have the right team (Paparazzi Proposals) every step of the way. After all, Mom and Dad want high quality photos.

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