Our Favorite Engagement Proposal Ideas this Month

After a heartwarming months filled with incredible couples and engagements, we’re sharing some of the best engagement proposal ideas this month.

After shooting thousands of proposals nationwide, it’s amazing to still discover new places. Though not all of these places are new, even familiar locations offer spots we might have not shot at before.

Coordinating with all our photographers, we secretly followed our couples on their romantic journeys, leading to the moment one of them got down on one knee.

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Our top pics this month were Overland Park Arboretum in Kansas City, Snolquamie Falls in Seattle, Lucero Verde in Cancun, Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and  Storm King Art Center in New York!

They each offered unique picture-perfect backdrops for our couples’ big kneeling moment. Check out all of our picture-perfect proposals, here!

1. Overland Park Arboretumengagement proposal ideas2. Snolquamie Falls

3. Lucero Verde
best engagement proposal ideas

4. Griffith Observatory

5. Storm King Art Centerbest engagement proposal ideas


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