Photo New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas

New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas

Making a surprise proposal perfect is hard work, but thankfully, Paparazzi Proposals doesn’t have to do it alone. 

We have partnerships across the United States, because have I mentioned- we’re in over 26 cities. One of our favorite partners resides here locally in New York and they’re committed to one thing, perfect picnics. With their help, we’ve been able to capture some amazing picnic proposals, and with the vast amount of beautiful spots in New York, a picnic proposal might be just what you need.

Mmmmmm... Proposal picnic. -Homer Simpson

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When it comes to proposals, you need an expert. And that’s why when it comes to a picnic proposal in New York, we’re working with picnic experts, Perfect Picnic. We don’t work alone and neither should you. To get the picnic started, we’ve put together some of our favorite locations in New York to indulge in a delicious picnic, but if a picnic proposal isn’t your thing- not to worry. We have a range of packages for you to choose from!

1. Central Park Picnic

The most popular and well-known park in New York (and most visited urban park in the United States), Central Park is an ideal hotspot for a proposal. From Sheep Meadow to Bow Bridge, despite the tourism it attracts, the massive area and landscape offers multiple locations within the park for a more secluded and intimate picnic affair. And wherever you choose to propose in the park is where Perfect Picnic will deliver your picnic.

Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas: Central Park

2. Rooftop Picnic

If nature isn’t your partner’s thing, a rooftop is a picture-perfect picnic idea. Enjoy a glass of champagne, savory treats, and the backdrop of the greatest city in the world. We’ll be sure to capture the moment you get down on one knee and pop out a diamond ring.

New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas: Rooftop

3. Washington Square Park Picnic

Enjoy the views of the famous Washington Square Arch & Fountain, while enjoying fresh meats, creamy chocolates, fine cheeses, and bubbly champagne (all offered by Perfect Picnic). Washington Square is perfect for those seeking a smaller park or somewhere closer to downtown. There are also street performers, musicians, and all sorts of other entertaining acts usually happening year-round (well, except the cold winter). Why not arrange for one of the “street musicians” to serenade your big moment? It’ll be like a movie, except better because it’s real.

New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas: Washington Square Park


4. Gondola Picnic

Who says a picnic has to be on land? A proposal has not limits and neither should your picnic. Choose from one of the packages Perfect Picnic has to offer and take it on-board with you for a romantic (and yummy) gondola ride. While your gondolier cruises you through the water, pour some champagne and toast your new fiancée.

New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas: Gondola

5. Hotel Picnic

If the weather isn’t cooperating, (thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows) take your picnic proposal inside. Whether you want to make a getaway with it by booking a suite or doing it in your own home, this will give your proposal more privacy and the freedom to decorate the space romantically. The outdoors isn’t for everyone, but romanticize your lunch by having it styled like a picnic.

New York Perfect Picnic Proposal Ideas: Hotel

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