Photo Romantic New York Christmas Proposal Ideas

Romantic New York Christmas Proposal Ideas

With all the holiday spirit, lights and decorations and festivities, Christmas is arguably the most romantic time of the year. From the Rockefeller Tree to the lights on Saks Fifth Avenue, New York is the picture-perfect city to get engaged during the Christmas season. 

To give you some winter holiday inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favorite locations in New York City!

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1. Rockefeller Tree

This should come as no surprise, as it is only the most popular location in the city to visit during Christmas time and one of the most well-known spots in the world. It is essentially the Times Square of Christmas! And it will make for an amazing engagements and a stunning backdrop.


2. Overlooking Wollman Rink

Proposing while iceskating might prove a bit difficult and risky (don’t drop the ring!). However, proposing with it as your backdrop might be a bit better and more picturesque. In Central Park, there’s a great spot among large rocks that overlook the rink and the skyline!


3. Times Square

A bit more obvious choice, but still a time timeless one, Times Square when the ball drops will always be a movie classic.  And we even offer the option to rent a giant screen to display different memories and your proposal across all of Times Square. You can check it out, here!


4. Washington Square Park

If you want a beautiful lit-up Christmas tree in the background but not the large crowds Rockefeller attracts, Washington Square Park is another great option. The tree with the classic arch make for a romantic and epic backdrop.


5. Rooftop

If you’re looking for a holiday proposal completely secluded and private, but still decorated by the lights, how about the lights of the city? Check out our rooftop package, which will give you all of New York lights as your backdrop decorations.

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