New Orleans Proposal Ideas: City Park

New Orleans is truly a place unlike any other and has a bevy of ideal proposal locations. Our favorite place to propose just might be the stunning City Park. Here’s some of our favorite City Park wedding proposal ideas. 

What better place is there to pledge your everlasting love than beneath the boughs of centuries old oak trees? City Park’s ancient oaks have a surreal beauty that’s all their own, which is only amplified by the park’s waterways. The park’s oaks are a perfect place to pledge your love to your special someone, and they are just of City Park’s ideal settings for a romantic proposal.

After starting your afternoon with Café Du Monde’s famous beignets, you can go on a walk with the love of your life through one of the South’s most iconic parks. Home to the New Orleans Museum of Art, colorful fields of wildflowers, Laborde Mountain, and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, City Park has a bevy of locations that are ideal for our hidden proposal photographer to capture the moment when you ask the big question.

If you’re in no rush to put an end to a day that you’ll always remember, you can place a bow on things with a tranquil gondola ride on the park’s waterways.

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