Photo Miami Marriage Proposal Ideas: Helicopter Proposals

Miami Marriage Proposal Ideas: Helicopter Proposals

One of our favorite Miami marriage proposal ideas is an exciting and romantic helicopter ride above the city skyline. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with your loved one before asking them to accompany you on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime, marriage!

Coordinating with Miami Executive Helicopters,  we helped Olufemi surprise his girlfriend, Renae, not only with an exciting ride of a lifetime in Miami, but an engagement proposal they will never forget. Our pictures will make sure of it.

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The plan was simple- our photographer posed as an employee for the helicopter’s company. When Olufemi arrived with his girlfriend, he pretended to be tagging along the ride to take pictures for the company’s website. Of course, Olufemi was already aware of this, and agreed for him to join them. Though Olufemi originally planned to propose mid-flight, he couldn’t wait any longer and got down on one knee prior to boarding. Nonetheless, our photographer was prepared to capture this picture-perfect moment. The newly-engaged couple then went on the ride to celebrate, and after landing, went around the area for an impromptu engagement portrait session.

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A helicopter ride isn’t for you? No need to fret, there’s countless exciting and romantic proposal ideas in Miami. You can read some of our favorites, here! And if you’re just looking for more romance in your life, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to have a side order of love with your daily morning coffee!

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