Photo Los Angeles Marriage Proposal Ideas

Los Angeles Marriage Proposal Ideas

Which Los Angeles marriage proposal suits you?

Beaches, year-round sunshine and Hollywood make Los Angeles the perfect place for a marriage proposal. You can go full-on glam, or totally laid-back with your proposal, depending on what suits your style. 

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Here are some of our favorite Los Angeles marriage proposal ideas that take advantage of all that Los Angeles has to offer!  And for the ultimate guide on how to pop the question in L.A., make sure to check out to our Los Angeles proposal page!

Casual Elegance

los angeles beach proposal

As a couple, you two love understated luxury.  The ‘little things’ in life make you happy-watching the sun set, enjoying a picnic, exploring the outdoors- all with a little class and style.

Beach Proposal

Un-ironic long walks on the beach were the foundations of your romance, so why should your proposal be any different? Take in sun, sand and surf with a romantic beach proposal.  Class it up by adding a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses laid out on a picnic blanket.  After your special someone says yes, the two of you can enjoy a toast and watch the sun set over the water.  Added bonus: it’s the perfect backdrop for some stunning engagement photos.

Trail Ride Proposal

Or, opt to add a little adventure to your engagement with a proposal on horseback.  Celebrate California’s history as the forefront of the wild west by taking to the Malibu Hills to pop the question.  After a private horseback ride through the breathtaking cliffs, hop off your steed and propose like John Wayne.

Movie Star Style

Los Angeles Urban Light Proposal

Who says you have to be a star to have a Hollywood proposal?

Griffith Park Observatory Proposal

You two love Hollywood glam, so make sure when you pop the question, your engagement has celeb status.  Include Hollywood in your proposal (literally) by popping the question at the Griffith Observatory, like Andrew.  He took his special someone to the scenic outlook, and while she observed the famous Hollywood sign in the distance, he popped the question!  Afterwards, they took photos with the iconic Hollywood hills in the background.

Helicopter Ride Proposal

Observe it all from above with an amazing helicopter ride.  Fly high in style, soaring over both the Hollywood sign and the sparkling shores for a great photo op before landing on a scenic outlook point of your choosing to pop the question, like Ajay did.

Of course, the best way to make sure your special someone gets the star treatment is to arrange to have your own personal paparazzi capture every moment!


Mediterranean Marriage Proposal

Los Angeles Vineyard Proposal


The two of you have always dreamt of traveling to Italy, but with these proposal ideas, you won’t have to travel for your perfect Mediterranean marriage proposal.

Vineyard Proposal

Tuscany may be only a few hours away if you opt for a romantic California vineyard proposal.  Southern California is renowned for its wide variety of delectable wines, so take advantage by planning a day trip or weekend getaway to a nearby vineyard.  Once there, take a tour of the winery, venturing out to the grounds to pop the question.  That’s what CBS’ The Insider host Michael Yo opted for in his recent stunning Malibu Family Wines Proposal that Paparazzi Proposals helped plan and capture.

Gondola Proposal

Or, take your special someone to the waterways of Venice with a romantic gondola proposal at the Newport Canal!



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