Photo LGBT Pride June Proposal Ideas

LGBT Pride June Proposal Ideas

As the weather gradually warms up, summer is fast approaching. And summer starts with June, and June for a lot of couples means one thing-                                   National LGBT Pride Month.

With the recent national legalization of gay marriage occurring last year, Paparazzi Proposals is honored to have been involved with so many LGBT engagements. This June will be a popular time for a lot of happy couples to get engaged, and to celebrate LGBT rights, our romance-obsessed staff put together some of our favorite ideas for surprise proposals during pride.

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Of course, these are just to name a few. If you crave further inspiration, make sure to browse through some of our past LGBT surprise proposals.

1. Proposal for Two

Even though there is no wrong or right approach, for those seeking a more intimate proposal, doing it before or in between pride events might be the best idea. Booking a room at a hotel will provide the privacy and seclusion most public spaces (and for some, our own homes) don’t allow. Flare up the romance by decorating it beforehand, or even better, let us do the work for you. Outline the room in rose petals and candles and have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting, to toast the moment your partner says “yes!” Because this moment is meant to be shared between the two of you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to keep it that way. Our photos will enable you to then share it with the world, another day.

LGBT Pride Proposal Ideas: Decorate a hotel room

2. The First

Take it back to where it all began and propose where you went on your first date (hopefully, you still remember it). Other options include your first kiss or if you really want to take it back, propose at the spot where you first met. That’s exactly what Amita did, when she proposed at the corner of Locust and 13th in Philadelphia, nearly eleven years later.

Amita - 20

3. Picnic

Feel the warmth of the sun and the cool summer breeze, while indulging in your favorite snacks, with a romantic picnic proposal. June is the perfect time to plan your proposal outside, specially before the intense August heat comes knocking. This idea isn’t just limited to parks, but beaches, rooftops, and gardens. Our talented photographer will be sure to capture all the moments discreetly from a distance. The moments are what matter and the moments are what we’re expert of.

LGBT Pride Month Proposal Ideas: Romantic Picnic

4. Favorite Place

Does your partner have a favorite place- somewhere you’ve never seen them frown or instantly cheers them up? It could be somewhere they appreciate or that is symbolic to them.  Take them to their happy place, but this time, add getting down on one knee to the memories. Julie chose the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to surprise Amy with a proposal. She said the area is very special to them both. And from Amy’s reaction, we think Julie was right. LGBT Pride Proposal Ideas: Favorite Place

5. Stargazing

If you’re not in a big city (or need an excuse to get out of one), stargazing is a movie-like and romantic proposal idea. Find a rooftop or an open field, throw in some champagne and chocolates, and indulge in life’s simple pleasures and the company of your lover (soon-to-be-fiancée). As your partner stares at the sky filled with diamonds, give them one they can keep forever.

LGBT Pride Proposal Ideas: Stargazing

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