Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Vaughn’s Antioch Park Proposal

One of our favorite Kansas City proposal ideas this summer was doing it at the beautiful Antioch Park.

The scenery isn’t just amazing for the proposal but the portrait session, as well! We captured Vaughn and Emily’s engagement this past weekend and got to hear a bit about their love story. Check out some of the pictures and what they said below!

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How and when did you guys meet?

“Emily and I met on Tinder actually! It was March of 2015, but we didn’t actually meet until September!”

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

“Her smile got me and my eyes and dimples got Emily.”

When did you know that they were the one?

“I knew she was the one when I finally got to meet her family. It took forever to meet them because she is so shy.”

Why did you choose to propose where you did?

I chose to propose at Antioch Park because it was one of our first dates.

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