Photo How to Propose in San Diego in the Spring

How to Propose in San Diego in the Spring

Still trying to come up with the picture-perfect way to propose in San Diego? You stay Classy, San Diego. We’ve got you covered.

Though we’re no Ron Burgundy, we are the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company. Our staff lives and breathes engagement proposals and when it comes to romance in San Diego, look no further. California’s second largest city, blue and sunny skies keep watch of over 70 miles of majestic coastline. Known for its beaches, parks and warm weather, there are endless perfect proposal locations. Now what’s left is the how.

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If you want further inspiration, make sure to check out some (or all) of our past proposals. We picked some of our favorite ways to propose in San Diego, all which we planned and photographed ourselves. Because we don’t just talk the talk, we capture it.

1. Forever & Always

Cody proposed at a beautiful beach with a stunning sunset backdrop and the waves crashing against the rocks. San Diego is famous for its beaches and you can never go wrong with a beach proposal. It’s perfectly simple and timelessly romantic. Cody added his own personal touch and had a sign that read “You will forever be my always.”

How to Propose in San Diego

2. Favorite Spot

Don surprised Kim with a proposal at one of their favorite date spots, at a cliff overlooking the water. We set up a blanket with a bouquet of roses and champagne before their arrival. And of course, our photographer discreetly captured it from a distance.

How to Propose in San Diego

3. The Love Letter

Kelly wanted to express his love to Brittanie with a love letter she can keep forever. To add to the romance, we set up a picnic with roses and of course, champagne alongside the letter before their arrival. Brittanie was overjoyed to also find a diamond ring.

How to Propose in San Diego

4. Smell the Sunflowers

Shaun wanted to propose to his girlfriend among nature. Torrey Pines is a picture-perfect spot in Sand Diego, offering not only a lovely view of the water, but all the greenery and nature you can ask for. Shaun chose a field of sunflowers as the perfect romantic spot to get down on one knee.

How to Propose in San Diego

5. Wine Vineyard for Two

Paul booked a table for two at a breath-taking wine vineyard in San Diego. Orfila Vineyards and Winery is an amazing proposal location, allowing you to indulge in greenery, authentic wines, and of course, each other. Just look at that view.

How to Propose in San Diego

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