Photo How to Propose in Philadelphia

How to Propose in Philadelphia

Wondering how to propose in Philadelphia? We can’t guarantee that it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, but in the City of Brotherly Love, it’s always a good time for a surprise proposal. 

You know who else knows a little something about brotherly love? Our love-obsessed staff. As the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company, romance isn’t something Paparazzi Proposals takes lightly. And after shooting over three thousand proposals, we’re sharing some of our favorite “how to’s” when proposing in Philadelphia. Because for proposals sometimes it isn’t when or where that matters, but how. And lucky for you, we’re experts on all three.

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There isn’t a wrong or right way to propose, but there is a wrong way of capturing it, just ask our competitors. Though the options are plenty, these are some of our favorite ways. To get a complete idea, make sure to browse through some of our past proposals.

1. The First Time

There is nothing quite like the first time, whether it’s the first time you met, the first date or the first kiss. The second or third might be forgotten, but the first time is always engraved. Why not make your first time the backdrop to your proposal? That’s exactly what Amita did, taking it back to the first time she met her girlfriend Kristen, on on the street corner of 13th and Lotus in Philadelphia. And “coincidently” passing by that same street corner, Amita proposed, almost eleven years later.

How to Propose in Philadelphia: The First Time

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Make your proposal an adventure and create a scavenger hunt. Just be sure the clues are simple and clear. It should be a fun and romantic scavenger hunt, not a proposal labyrinth. If you want to challenge them but not risk creating Mission Impossible, include a friend (who secretly knows all the answers and can guide them in the right direction). Choose an iconic location for the final destination, where they will find you down on one knee with an engagement ring.

How to Propose in Philadelphia: The Scavenger Hunt

3. The Romantic Picnic

A popular option in warmer weather is the picnic. We’ll be sure to set up an intimate (and delicious) picnic prior to your arrival at your desired destination. It’ll be like magic, Paparazzi Proposals magic. Indulge in savory snacks, sweet treats and bubbly champagne. And before they think the day can’t get any better, pop out a diamond ring.

How to Propose in Philadelphia: The Picnic

4. The Helicopter Ride

Another proposal favorite is the helicopter ride. As you’re midair and adrenaline is rushing, add to the thrill by surprising them with a proposal. It’ll makes an already memorable experience unforgettable. Sky River Helicopters is a great and affordable option to enjoy a scenic view of the City of Brotherly Love from the air. Just be sure they aren’t scared of heights.

How to Propose in Philadelphia: The Helicopter Ride

5. The Flash mob

Who doesn’t love a group of strangers breaking out into song and dance? There’s a reason flash mobs are so iconic in movies, they’re fabulous. Sweep your partner off their feet and turn your surprise proposal into a flab mob they’ll never forget. We’ll be sure to capture their in awe reaction.

How to Propose in Philadelphia: The Flash Mob

Because Philadelphia has more to offer than just cheesesteaks and bells of liberty. Our talented photographers can’t wait to capture your upcoming proposal, so what are you waiting for?

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