Photo How to Propose in Miami 101

How to Propose in Miami 101

More than just a Spring Breaker’s paradise, Miami is overflowing with fine dining, tropical weather, and romance… lots and lots of romance. This is how to propose in Miami.

Imagine, a beautiful sunset rising over the pristine Miami skyline. There isn’t a cloud in sight and your lover (soon-to-be-fiancée) is sitting beside you, maybe sipping on champagne, and picturing spending the rest of their life with you. Little do they know about the diamond ring nestled in your pocket, that’s where we come in. As the leading surprise proposal photography company in America, we know that when it comes to proposals, it’s just like painting. Sure, all the world sees is the end result, but it’s each precise brush stroke that will get you there. A romantic and memorable proposal in Miami is your final outcome, but now let us help you get there (and capture all the moments along the way).

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Just to start showing you the big picture, we’ve gathered some of our favorite proposal ideas that Miami has to offer. Not to brag, but we’ve yet to disappoint. Just ask these guys!

1. Beach Lovin’

Before you think, “I could have thought of that!” Do you know the perfect time to propose in terms of lighting for the photos? A romantic beach spot that won’t be crowded with tourists, or worst… other people’s children? Or how about who will set up that romantic picnic or bring out the champagne after the proposal? Because we do.  A beach proposal is beautiful and timeless, but it’s the small details that will make it unique. Whether sprinkling a path of rose petals, getting a musician to serenade the moment, a romantic picnic, or all three (all offered in our packages), timing and planning is everything. Paparazzi Proposals isn’t just set on photographing the magic, but helping make that magic happen. And who better to capture the moment without getting caught, than the company that planned it.

How to Propose in MiamiHow to Propose in Miami: Beach

2. Hotel Getaway

Even if you’re local, a hotel getaway will flare up the romance and provide both of you an escape from the daily routine. You don’t want your proposal to fall between an oatmeal breakfast and picking up dry cleaning. Setting your surprise proposal around a romantic weekend getaway will completely set the mood and if you get it done early, it will give you some time to intimately celebrate before going back to the real world (but hey, at least you’ll be going back engaged). If you’re going to propose at the hotel, it might be a good idea to book somewhere with a roof top or enough lighting for photography. Mom and dad are going to want to see high-resolution images. And with Paparazzi Proposals, you’ll be able to fully and candidly share the whole experience.

How to Propose in Miami: Hotel Getaway

3. A Night of Romance

Okay, so for whatever reason, budget or time, you can’t getaway for the weekend. No pressure, you just need to make the night count. Luckily, you might not have time on your side, but you got us. And we’re all you need, seriously (oh, and the ring).  The Adrienne Arsht Center is one of Miami’s most hidden jewels, featuring glittering, sky-high glass walls and a stunning architectural structure. Every night, the exterior and interior of the building light up, just like christmas, but without the family drama. Words don’t do it justice, but your proposal photos definitely will. We’ll make sure of it. From opera to theater and everything in between, book a show both of you will enjoy. It’s like broadway, but without the stench of New York streets. This is also a bonus if your partner enjoys dressing up and will guarantee that both of you come out dapper in the photos.

How to Propose in Miami: Adrienne Arsht Center

4. Engagement Cruisin’

Just like the beach, it’s almost impossible to talk about Miami and not think about the ocean. It’s surrounded by it! A boat ride is an intimate and romantic way to propose, and will separate you from all the noise and action of the large city. Whether you take a cruise or rent out a boat, the Miami waters are infinitely blue and calming. Bring along some champagne, lunch and chocolate covered strawberries, and enjoy a breath-taking sunset with the company of your new fiancée.

How to Propose in Miami: Boat Ride

5. Keeping it Simple

Our last tip to proposing in Miami isn’t a specific place or idea, but just to keep it simple. By simple, we don’t mean not to put any thought or effort, but to forget about what other people have done, and just focus on making your partner happy. Miami is filled with an unlimited amount of stunning settings, that you don’t have to worry about being able to spend thousands of dollars to have a perfect proposal. If you’re able to have your proposal written on a banner and carried across the sky, great! But writing it on the sand or a love note on paper is just as romantic. By keeping it simple, we mean to keep it within your limits and capabilities. Always keep in mind this includes weather, last minute changes, or anything that doesn’t work out how you’ve imagined it. Get rid of the image in your head of what a proposal is suppose to look like and replace it with what’s in front of you, because we promise what you have is so much better. What you have is someone who loves you and can’t wait for that special moment, and we can’t wait to help you make it happen.

How to Propose in Miami: Keeping it SimpleHow to Propose in Miami: Keeping it SimpleHow to Propose in Miami: Keeping it SimpleHow to Propose in Miami: Keeping it Simple


After having planned and photographed over three thousand proposals nationally, we’ve learned a thing or two. Miami is a wonderful place and has so much to offer for a surprise proposal, just be sure to avoid Spring Break or Memorial Day weekend (you’ll thank us). Now lets get started on painting your proposal, your Mona Lisa is waiting.

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