How to Propose in Los Angeles with a Rooftop: Patrick and Caleb

A skyline is one of our favorite backdrops for engagement proposals. We’re sharing some tips on how to propose in Los Angeles with a rooftop! 

Patrick reached out to us to surprise Caleb with the city lights with his proposal. With the help of our sneaky snapper, we planned a moment neither of them would ever forget.

How to Propose in Los Angeles

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important thing to consider when planning to propose on a rooftop is the time of day, especially if you are using a photographer. If it is during the day or the evening, it will impact whether flash is necessary. Another important thing to consider is weather, as if it is extra windy or raining, a rooftop would be more difficult to execute.

Patrick invited Caleb to OUU Skyspace to use the amazing views as the backdrop for the moment he got down on one knee. Using public spaces such as this allows you to have a fantastic backdrop without needing to rent out the entire space privately. Another possibility is to use the rooftop of your building (or a friend’s), and this will allow you to have more freedom to decorate the space as you wish.

You can even have our photographer set up a beautiful blanket with roses and champagne prior to your arrival. You can browse more the packages we offer in Los Angeles, here.

Once you have the space and set up sorted, you can make the moment even more special by using the rooftop to surprise your partner with family and friends.

Our photographer will be happy to include everyone in the post-portrait session. How to Propose in Los Angeles How to Propose in Los Angeles

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