Photo How to Propose in Dallas Like a Pro

How to Propose in Dallas Like a Pro

Looking to make your engagement proposal bigger’n Dallas, in Dallas? Well, this isn’t our first rodeo.

Paparazzi Proposals isn’t just the the first and leading national surprise proposal photography company, our staff are experts on all-things-romance. And speaking of all-things-romance, we put together some of our favorite “how to’s” when proposing in Dallas. From romantic gondola rides, to picture-perfect rooftops, to intimate gardens, to diverse restaurants and everything in between, there’s proposal magic in all corners of Dallas. But it’s not just where you propose, but how. You don’t know yet? Like Sam the Onion Man, we can fix that.

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Our knowledge comes from experience and after shooting over three-thousand proposals, experience is our middle name. Just ask all our past couples! Just to give you some ideas, here are some of our favorites.

1. Passport to Venice

Except you don’t need an actual passport. Gondola Adventures offer authentic and scenic gondola cruises through Mandalay Canals, steered by your very own gondolier (some can even serenade the cruise with love songs). The company partners with local caterers to provide customers with a wide range of cuisine. We’ll schedule your partner’s favorite meal with some bubbly champagne and delicious sweets. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to propose on an empty stomach? Toast to eternal love and the promise of forever and of course, to the moment they say “yes!”

How to Propose in Dallas: Gondola Adventures

2. Just Like a Movie

Some people advise not to hold expectations to what’s shown on TV. Paparazzi Proposals agrees, aim higher. With the right help and planning, a proposal can be movie-like magic. Michael’s girlfriend Cinnamon loved the show The Bachelor and that became the inspiration behind his proposal.  We arranged for a limo to drive her to a surprise romantic dinner at the famous Floreciendo Garden Estate. A hundred lit candles greeted Cinnamon’s arrival and Michael’s close friend (role playing the part of Chris Harrison, The Bachelor host) escorted her from the limo to the proposal location. This queued yet another one of Michael’s close friends to begin playing one of Cinnamon’s favorite songs on the guitar. Michael came out, reading a love letter he had written and presented her with a rose. As he got down to one-knee, Cinnamon couldn’t help but scream “Yes!” several times before Michael could even finish the sentence. And the surprise wasn’t over. Michael arranged for forty of their family and friends to surprise her with a celebration inside.

How to Propose in Dallas: Just Like a Movie

3. On Top of Dallas

Don’t just propose in Dallas, but make it the backdrop to the proposal. A bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne awaited the arrival of Ryan’s girlfriend. Oh, and Ryan down on one knee with a diamond ring. The Dallas skyline illuminated Ryan’s proposal and created the perfect romantic ambiance. To make a rooftop proposal even better, plan for a surprise celebration afterwards with friends and family. Or if you want to keep the night intimate, we can also arrange a delicious catered dinner to accompany the stunning view.

How to Propose in Dallas: Rooftop Proposal

4. Pictures of You

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make your proposal worth a million. Cliff chose a beautiful garden to hang an entire timeline of memories and experiences shared with his girlfriend. Upon Danielle’s arrival, holding hands, they walked past each photo, reminiscing on each special moment from their relationship. As Danielle wiped tears from her eyes, Cliff proposed. And to add to the timeline, he had Paparazzi Proposals photograph the memory of all memories.

How to Propose in Dallas: A Timeline of Memories

5. The First Time

There’s nothing quite like the first time and this can apply to almost anything. Just think back to your first kiss or first time riding a bike. The second or third are easier to forget, but the first is always engraved. Nick chose to propose to Susanne at the classroom they first met at the University of Texas. The first time can be extended to your first kiss, your first date, ect. Just choose the first that you treasure most and leave the rest of the work to us.

How to Propose in Dallas: The First

Because When it Comes to Proposals, Everyone Needs a Fairy Godplanner!

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