Photo How to Propose in Chicago with the Skyline

How to Propose in Chicago with the Skyline

Having the picture-perfect backdrop for your proposal take some planning. We’re sharing some tips for how to propose in Chicago with the stunning skyline.

Plan a proposal that is not only romantic but will make for excellent pictures. Take advantage of spots that offer the beautiful skyline view to decorate your proposal.

How to Propose in Chicago

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First and foremost, it is important to choose a location that can offer the photographer a good vantage point to capture the skyline. If it is public, make sure it offers enough space for some privacy without having to propose among crowds. Also, choose a spot nearby landmarks that are easy to spot, so the proposal spot is easy to identify!

How to Propose in Chicago

There are so many great skyline spots in Chicago – from Lincoln Park to the Riverwalk – so choose an area that also matches the aesthetic you would like for the portrait session. Do you want a nature or more city theme? What location is nearby the reservations or plans you made? What would your partner enjoy most?

Make sure to ask yourself all these questions when choosing the location.

How to Propose in Chicago

Also, when it comes to positioning it is imperative to face their back facing the skyline. This will ensure their reaction is perfectly facing the photographer, as well as the backdrop. Take your time and don’t rush it. It is your moment, so do it when it feels just right. How to Propose in Chicago  How to Propose in Chicago

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