Photo How to Propose Creatively in Atlanta

How to Propose Creatively in Atlanta

A melting pot of big city culture and relaxed southern charm, Atlanta might be the fifth city to be the capital of Georgia, but it’s first when it comes to romance. 

And speaking of first when it comes to romance: Hi, nice to meet you. We’re Paparazzi Proposals. As the nation’s ONLY surprise proposal photography company (not to brag), we’ve seen our fair share of engagement proposals in Atlanta. But don’t worry, we’re more than happy to share that experience with you. Hence this blog post.

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Just to start giving you some ideas, we’ve put a list of some of our favorite ways to propose in Atlanta. Despite what you decide on, we’ll make sure when you get down on one knee is a picture-perfect moment.

1. The Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway to break the mundane routine of everyday life. Atlanta has bountiful hotels and resorts to choose from. After all, you don’t want your proposal to fall in between an oatmeal breakfast and doing laundry. Shann planned a surprise proposal at the Omni Hotel. And the best part about the getaway is that it provides some time to intimately celebrate afterwards, wink wink. What? We’re talking about the hotel bar, pool, and other amenities.

How to Propose in Atlanta: Weekend Getaway

3. The Scavenger Hunt

If your loved one likes a challenge, then why not challenge them with your proposal? Get creative and form clues (make sure it’s a scavenger hunt and not Mission Impossible) that will lead them to the spot you are down on one knee with a diamond ring.

Atlanta Proposal Ideas: The Scavenger Hunt

2. The Work Function

If your partner is the type that would want to be dressed up for their engagement photos, create the facade of a work function. Jason told his girlfriend that he had an important event for work at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which is actually where they had their first date. As they arrived to the garden, his girlfriend realized there wasn’t any event going on, but something even more important, Jason’s proposal.

How to Propose in Atlanta: The Work Function

4. The Picnic

Summertime is fast approaching and as the weather warms up, why not indulge in it with a romantic picnic proposal? Paparazzi Proposals will arrange a beautiful picnic (with delicious snacks, treats and of course, champagne) before your partner arrives. And as they think the day can’t get any better, take out a diamond ring and show them that with you, the day always will.

How to Propose in Atlanta: The Picnic

5. A Stroll in the Park

And speaking about warmer weather, a romantic stroll in the park might be just what you need. If you are looking for something more simple (maybe because you have a dinner or a celebration planned afterwards), Atlanta offers a variety of beautiful parks and gardens to take them on an intimate stroll in. Piedmont Park is a local favorite and perfect for a surprise proposal.

How to Propose in Atlanta: A stroll in the park

Think you’ve seen it all? Oh, we’re just getting started. Atlanta has so much to offer, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a team to ease the process and also capture all the moments? Well, that team is Paparazzi Proposals, so contact us now and lets get this proposal started.