Photo Houston Engagement Ideas: Brennan’s Restaurant

Houston Engagement Ideas: Brennan’s Restaurant

If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner for your proposal, Brennan’s restaurant in Houston allows you to rent its beautiful courtyard.  It’s one of our favorite Houston engagement ideas! 

Brian agreed and reached out to us to capture his surprise proposal to Leslie at Brennan’s, creating the guise that they were going to have a typical dinner.

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When Leslie arrived to the restaurant, Brian led her to the courtyard, where she quickly realized this dinner was anything but typical.  The private courtyard was the first of many surprises!  He led her to a romantically setup table, and when she turned back around, he dropped down to one knee, asking her to marry him. Of course, she screamed “YES!” To add to the surprise, Brian arranged for our sneaky photographer to be discreetly hidden, capturing every moment. After all the excitement, our photographer revealed himself and captured a stunning portrait session of the newly-engaged couple. Don’t they look fantastic!

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