Five Picture-Perfect Los Angeles Proposal Ideas for Backdrops

If you are having your proposal captured in pictures, it makes it even more picture-perfect to plan for an amazing backdrop. Here are our fiveLos Angeles proposal ideas for backdrops.

Photography is a great way to turn an unforgettable moment into one that you can look back on freely and share with family & friends.

Though you have decided to coordinate for a photographer, it is possible to have problems when it comes to choosing the best location.

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When deciding on the best scenery, here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Photo Permit

There are many public spaces that offer amazing scenery and views, however, many of them require photo permits. When doing it in places like restaurants or parks, do some research and make sure they allow public photography. It is best to contact the venue directly and explain your situation. More often than not, they will even waive the permit since it is only photography for a proposal and not commercial.

2. Take Advantage of Nature

Take advantage of local nature sites and parks for a stunning backdrop that does not break the budget. 

3. If planning at the beach, make sure to designate an exact spot.

A helpful practice for any location, especially the beach, always plan and designate an exact proposal spot, so the photographer knows exactly where to position himself to capture it. Try to designate a spot close to a landmark or something easily recognizeable.  Los Angeles Proposal Ideas

4. Use Reservations to Get Them There on Time

It might be hard getting your partner to show up somewhere on time. Using lunch or dinner reservations nearby the proposal spot is a fantastic way to get them there more timely and already dressed up for the pictures!
 Los Angeles Proposal Ideas

5. Get Creative

If you want an exact location for sentimental reasons but it does not have the best scenery / backdrop, get creative. Do your own romantic setup for a picture-perfect proposal.

 Los Angeles Proposal Ideas

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