Photo Favorite Fall Engagement Proposals

Favorite Fall Engagement Proposals

Not too hot, not too cold, fall is the perfect season to get engaged because of the weather. We had the chance to capture a bunch of beautiful outdoor proposals this fall and want to share some of our favorites!

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1. Kayode’s Beach Proposal

Kayode took advantage of the amazing fall weather to surprise his girlfriend with a diamond ring by the ocean and sand. It will be a day at the beach she will definitely never forget!

2. Yash’s Top of the Rock

A rooftop is another great idea to take advantage of the fall weather for your engagement proposal. Yash took it to the next level by doing it at Top of the Rock in New York, having the entire city skyline decorate his engagement.


3. Picnic by Golden Gate

Corey surprised his girlfriend with not just a view but a picnic with roses as well! An engagement proposal doesn’t have to be complicated to be perfect, and it’s the simple things in life that can sometimes be the most romantic.


4. Proposal After Dinner

Patrick waited till after dinner to surprise his boyfriend with a night he will never forget! Dinner plans is a great way to turn an ordinary night into extraordinary.


5. A Romantic Hike

Andrew invited his partner on a romantic outdoor hike to enjoy the perfect fall weather. What she didn’t expect was that there would be a musician serenading the moment and a diamond ring at the end of the song.

These are just a few of our favorite fall proposals , but if you’re looking for daily inspiration, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! However, at the end of the day, what makes a proposal perfect consist of only two factors- you and your partner. And we’ll be there to candidly capture every moment.

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