Photo Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop Proposal

Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop Proposal

One of our favorite Dallas engagement proposal ideas was Brad’s romantic rooftop proposal, which perfectly paired together memories of their past with their new future.

Brad had the picture-perfect plan in place to bring together special mementos of his relationship with Sara. We coordinated for our sneaky photographer to be there to capture it all.

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After, Brad revealed the last surprise of the night: our photographer. She took them around the area for a beautiful portrait session. He also shared with us how they met and fell in love. Read all about it below to see why it was one of our favorite Dallas engagement proposal ideas.

Photo Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop Proposal

 How and when did you guys meet?

Sara and I met in person in October 2014, however, our story actually began about a month prior. I was working as an IT Consultant for a public accounting firm in Des Moines, Iowa, and Sara had recently started working at the same firm as a Campus Recruiter in Dallas. On her second day on the job, they flew her to Iowa to attend an event at my alma mater. I connected with her on LinkedIn shortly after the event and as we were chatting via messages, we found out that my sister had just moved to Sara’s hometown in Texas! A few weeks later I was assigned to a project in Oklahoma, which I took as a prime opportunity to “visit my sister” in Texas for the weekend. In reality, it was just a ploy to ask Sara on our first date! I happily drove 5 hours to finally meet this lovely girl in person and luckily our chemistry was even better in person than it was through text message..and the rest is history!

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

Sara’s beautiful smile. After a few days, I found, Sara was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside… Hopefully, Sara felt and still feels the same! 

When did you know that they were the one?

Sara and I dated for nearly two years before living together, and another two years before getting engaged.  While dating long-distance, we developed a strong foundation in our relationship more quickly than most would if they weren’t dating long-distance. During that time, we knew one or both of us would have to move from our respective cities in order to start the next chapter in our relationship, however, we both tip-toed around the conversation whenever it came up until one day. . .

Eight months in, it was my birthday. Sara wanted to surprise me in Iowa and put together plans to do so unbeknownst to me. Sara made travel arrangements to arrive and surprise me in our Des Moines office. However, plans began to unravel when she barely missed her flight and had to make other arrangements including; rescheduling flight to different airport, booking car rental and driving three hours to visit me. After learning of the day she had along with what she intended to do, I knew she was 100% committed to our relationship and me. The same weekend, we put together a plan and decided Dallas made the most sense to start our next chapter. Even though, the amount of time it took for us to get engaged could be considered marriage by common law in some states, I knew Sara was the one for me thereafter. I tell people, I was just giving her time to run while she could.

Photo Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop Proposal

Why did you choose to propose where you did?

Our first picture we ever took together was in front of a Christmas tree so, from the very beginning, Christmas trees had significant meaning in our relationship. To me, they represented tradition, roots, and growth, which are three staples in our relationship. I knew I wanted to incorporate those staples in the proposal so I decided to create a “holiday bucket list.” On the first day of our holiday bucket list activity, Sara and I took an annual carriage ride through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, which was meant to represent the start of a new tradition. On the second day of our holiday bucket list, we made cookies and did a puzzle in our apartment. Home is where our roots are and where we enjoy spending quality time together. On the third day, we made gingerbread houses to represent building a foundation together. Sara and I have been together for four years, so I knew I wanted to propose on the fourth day. I found a massive Christmas tree in the heart of Dallas and I knew that’s where I wanted to pop the question. I rented out the entire venue for the evening so we could enjoy a very special moment together, just the two of us. As we approached the Christmas tree, I told her I had one more surprise, but she had to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes, I had a present for her to open, which had an ornament inside that read “Will you marry Meek?” That’s when I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Lucky for me, she said yes!

Photo Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop ProposalPhoto Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop ProposalPhoto Dallas Engagement Proposal Ideas: Brad’s Rooftop Proposal

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