Photo Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

Hawaii is truly a one-of-a-kind place surrounded in breath-taking views.

It’s no wonder it has become a hotspot destination for engagement proposals. Though romance flows in the air, it doesn’t hurt to do a little planning prior to proposing.

As the nation’s only engagement proposal photography, we have some experience when planning the picture-perfect engagement. We’ve put together some of our favorite creative ways to propose in Hawaii. But you can browse through all the beautiful places that we have shot, here!

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Hawaii is a dream vacation (or a place to live!), and it’s an incredible island to begin your happily-ever-after.

1. With its Incomparable Backdrops

Skylines and oceans are great, but Hawaii offers views you can’t get anywhere else. Specially if you’re visiting, take advantage of this magical place and propose in a nature wonderland. The Lanai Lookout will perfectly decorate the moment she says, “YES!”

Photo Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

2. Over a Romantic Hike

Andrew invited his girlfriend to take a hike to the incredible Lanai Pill Boxes. Little did she know there would be a surprise for her at the end, besides the gorgeous scenery. He wanted every second to be captured, so he arranged for our videographer to be there, along with our photographer, so their story could be told in pictures and video. You can turn your love story into a movie, here!

Ways to propose in Hawaii

3. Over a Romantic Picnic

Swoop your partner off her feet by planning a romantic picnic. What she considers a romantic day will quickly turn into the most romantic day of both your lives, yet. You can check out all the different packages we offer, here!

Photo Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

4. On the Beach

Hawaii is famous for its beaches, and it’s a classic proposal spot for a reason. Take advantage of the mountain and ocean views, and we will coordinate the rest. ]This serene beach in Waikiki is one of our favorites.

Photo Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

5. Plan a Romantic Dinner

Invite your partner to one of the incredible restaurants in Hawaii, most come with beautiful scenery. What she thinks is a romantic date night will really be a celebration of your engagement. Our photographer will be posing to be working for the restaurant, waiting for the big kneeling moment.

Photo Creative Ways to Propose in Hawaii

There are countless ways to propose in Hawaii, but these are a few to get you started. Contact one of our experts today to explore all the possible ideas. If you’re just in it for the romance, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily proposal inspiration!

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