Photo Creative Philadelphia Proposal Ideas and Tips for a Picture-Perfect Engagement!

Creative Philadelphia Proposal Ideas and Tips for a Picture-Perfect Engagement!

After shooting hundreds of proposals, we’re sharing some of our most important Philadelphia proposal ideas and tips for a picture-perfect engagement!

From knowing when to ask for help to hiring a photographer, there are many easy steps to take to ensure your proposal goes as smoothly and enjoyable as possible.

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Although there are many important things to consider, here are a few of the basics.

1. Make sure the date and time work

It’s important to familiarize yourself with their schedule and find out what plans they have for that day. Give yourself plenty of time for the big moment and avoid the stress of them potentially arriving late or, worse, having to cancel. If you know they have a big work week or something important plan, perhaps, hold off your proposal until after. Since this is a surprise, the last thing you want is a scheduling conflict as they are not going to know the importance of this specific “date” until you pop out that diamond ring!

Philadelphia Proposal Ideas

2. Keep it simple

One of the biggest proposal misconceptions that it has to be overly complicated and luxurious for it to be romantic. Some of the most beautiful and romantic proposals have been captured during a walk on the beach at sunrise or at a rooftop during the sunset. Your partner does not need some elaborate scavenger hunt to know how much you love them. Unless, this kind of thing comes easy to you, then by all means. By keeping it simple it means do not overwhelm yourself.

Photo Creative Philadelphia Proposal Ideas and Tips for a Picture-Perfect Engagement!

3. Location

A beautiful backdrop does not have to be expensive! Do a little research and there are plenty of beautiful public spaces that have breath-taking views.

Philadelphia Proposal Ideas

4. Weather

This one is easy to forget but weather is an important factor, especially if you are proposing outside. Make sure you have a good idea of what the weather will be like and plan for a backup option, just in case!

Philadelphia Proposal Ideas

5. Hire a photographer

Don’t leave such a once-in-a-lifetime moment to an iPhone. Yes, they can take great pictures, but it gets more risky from a distance and discreetly. This is a day you will treasure for a lifetime and want to be able to relive for years to come. Work with a photographer who will also capture an impromptu engagement portrait session after, and you can money like this in the long run.

Philadelphia Proposal Ideas

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