Creative and Romantic Photography Miami Proposal Ideas

With miles of ocean, clear skies and warm weather, Miami is the picture-perfect place to get engaged. Step up your proposal with some of our proposal ideas.

Having photographed over 3,000 engagement proposals, and hundreds in Miami, we compiled some of our most scenic suggestions. From the coveted Fontainebleau to the beautiful Vizcaya, there places are bound to decorate the backdrop to a proposal your soon-to-be fiancée will not forget.

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1. Fontainebleau Beach

A major hotspot in Miami, the Fontainebleau is famous for a reason. Surprise your partner by booking a weekend here and proposing at the beach behind with a stunning ocean view. If you want to save some money and already live in Miami, you can just reserve a lunch or plan a dinner, and suggest to take a romantic walk on the beach before or after. Our stealthy photographer will be ready!

Miami proposal ideas

2. Vizcaya

With so much scenery, the Vizcaya is iconic for its architecture and views. It will be great for the proposal and portrait session.

Miami proposal ideas

3. Add a little adventure to your proposal, and do it before or during a helicopter ride. Book a ride with Miami Helicopters for the ride of your life!

4. Romantic Dinner

The classic romantic dinner proposal will make dessert extra special this year!

5. Picture-Perfect Picnic

If the beach is too out the way to include in the plans, why not one of the beautiful parks in South Florida. Our photographer can even arrange a blanket with champagne and twenty-four red roses for your arrival! Check out more of our packages, here!