Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

Looking to propose in the Steel City? Make your engagement stronger than steel with some of our favorite Pittsburgh proposal ideas. 

Beyond sports, bridges, and of course, steel, Pittsburgh also has a whole lot of romance. And as the nation’s leading surprise engagement proposal photography company, our staff can sniff romance from miles away. From proposing at Mount Washington,  to Schenley park, to flying over both in a helicopter, Pittsburg offers a variety of charming ways to get engaged.

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We’ve put together a quick guide to some of our favorite Pittsburgh proposal ideas. If you want further inspiration, make sure to browse through some of our past proposals.

1. Mount Washington

Rated the most beautiful vista in America by USA WeekendMount Washington is one of the most famous proposal locations in Pittsburgh. And while originality is great, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. Overlooking the city skyline, it’s a timeless and stunning place for your big, kneeling moment.

Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

2. Schenley Park

Containing over 400-acres of nature, Schenley Park is a great proposal location for outdoor enthusiasts. Flare up the romance and plan a romantic picnic. We can set up fresh meats, rich cheeses, sweet treats and bubbly champagne prior to your arrival. Indulge in the deliciousness and the company of your partner. And when the moment feels just right, pull out the diamond ring.

Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

3. PPG Plaza

Who says you have to go to the Rockefeller in New York for a romantic night of ice skating? Located in downtown Pittsburgh at PPG Place, The Mass Mutual Pittsburgh Ice Rink serves as a romantic place to get down on one knee. The rink is also available for private rentals if you prefer something more intimate. Just remember it’s only opened during the winter season!

Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

4. Roberto Clemente Bridge

Besides steel, Pittsburgh is also known as the City of Bridges. And that’s not really surprising since it has 446 bridges. Roberto Clemente Bridge is one of our favorites, offering breath taking views of the city from both directions. So in regards to photography, it doesn’t matter which way you’re facing.

Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

5. Spiker Helicopters

Another favorite proposal idea, a helicopter tour is a thrilling and exciting way to make an already memorable experience, unforgettable. Fly over Pittsburgh and while you’re in the clouds, vow to spend forever with your partner. Spiker Helicopters is a great option.

Photo Charming Pittsburgh Proposal Ideas

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