Best Engagement Proposal ideas of the Month!

Wondering what are some of the best engagement proposals?

We had the chance to capture some amazing moments this month, so we are sharing some of our favorites. Hopefully, one or two of these will inspire your special moment. If you would like to browse more magical ideas, check out all our proposals, here!

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1. Helicopter Ride in Miami

Derek invited his girlfriend on a thrilling helicopter ride over the breath-taking Miami skyline. As if things couldn’t get more exciting, he took out a diamond ring and proposed midtrip!

2. Toronto Music Gardens

A nature lover’s dream, the Toronto Music Gardens are absolutely magical during this time of year. As spring is just beginning to blossom, so was Riandy’s happily-ever-after!

3. Sunset Cliffs

4. Brunch

What’s better than brunch? Brunch with a diamond ring for dessert!


5. Rockefeller Ice Rink

What better way than to take advantage over one of the last few cold days of spring by proposing at the Rockefeller Ice Rink in New York City. Even better, reserve to have it cleared out for five minutes to have your special song played and a private moment to get down on one knee!

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