Affordable Philadelphia Summer Proposal ideas

There are so many amazing Philadelphia summer proposal ideas that won’t break the bank! Here are some of our favorite locations with beautiful backdrops, all free!

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1. Race Street Pier

Take advantage of the warm weather and propose at Race Street Pier. It makes a beautiful backdrop an, you can disguise it as just taking a walk along the water. Your partner will never know the surprise they are in for!

2. Rittenhouse Square

One of Philly’s most beautiful parks and a popular wedding venue, Rittenhouse Square also makes for beautiful scenery for an engagement proposal!

3. Fairmount Park

Another wonderful park in Philly is Fairmount Park, and they are pet-friendly so you can make your special friend a part of your special moment!

4. Gazebo by Waterworks

What can be more romantic than decorating your proposal with coliseums? Propose at the Gazebo by Waterworks, and it will be a picture-perfect, Romanesque moment!

5. Romantic Picnic

If you already have a location in mind, then make it all the more special by setting up a delicious picnic for your partner’s arrival. Pick out their favorite cheeses, meats, and wine, and get down on one knee!

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